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Coxeer Website, the top -quality mask maker for all you need.Since in 2014, we have grown to become one of the manufacturers of quality masquerade masks in China domestic market. We have different kind series of quality masquerade masks,for masquerade parties, halloween, weddings, mardi gras, bachelor parties, carnivals, party ball prom , costume cosplay party ,fashion shows , mask events , night club and so on. Our masks are handmade to perfection, from venetian metal masks to our hand-painted vintage masks.Such as : Filigree mask,Laser cut mask,Roman mask,Cat & Fox mask ,Lace mask,Couple mask,Phantom mask,Skull mask,Buata mask,Long nose mask,Rhinestone mask,Venetian masquerade mask ,Masquerade mask on stick,Feather masquerade mask and so on. What we have taken into account the number one priority is your satisfaction, we only carry masks with superior quality, and we have a dedicated customer support team to answer all your questions and concerns. What separates Coxeer from others in the mask industry, is our drive for quality and perfection with the inexpensive price in throughout the mask market. We hope you can enjoy your shopping experience on our site and also on Amazon, and enjoy all of our quality masks at your upcoming event. Our dedicated support team can deal with any questions from helping you select the perfect mask for your event, to shipping inquires. We are here for you . We take pride in offering our customers a unique shopping experience. Please just check out our wide variety of color combinations in just about every mask we offer. We are proud to offer one of the most extensive Masquerade masks collections online. And now we have also sale on Amazon about more than one years. Here you can also find a variety of styles, designs, and many color options – to stand out at your next Masquerade ball and then to pay for it with Amazon prime service. Our masks have the super quality and with the lower price than other mask for we are the China 's domestic manufacturers of the mask. We have our own complete quality supply chain to ensure that we can more preferential prices and high quality to win the hearts of customers. Mardi gras is a time to dress up and go out and party. We’ve created a colection of couples masquerade masks perfect for pairings- so styles can be seamlessly complimented and outfits can be coordinated. We’ve also created for both womens masks and mens masks - making the process of finding your masquerade mask a whole lot simpler. Please be sure to check our full selection of Mardi Gras masks and our special mardi gras colors –black, purple, blue, gold, and green. For every masquerade mask that we sell you can expect to receive unparalleled customer service. We guarantee that we will offer you the best 100% satisfying customer service and that shining products!

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